We are full of ideas. The trick is organizing them.

Like herding cats, ideas will scatter. When you need one most, they can be hard to come by. Or on the other hand we might be flooded with too many ideas. How about you? Perhaps, we can trust the universe to speak up at the right time. Certainly it helps to stay open to what is happening around us. It is also true that when one takes the time to consider a matter, one wants to consider all the relevant ideas and choose the appropriate ones and then keep that available for implementing later on.

The idea of organizing ideas, I suppose is as old as the human brain. And there are all sorts of ideas for doing this. Generally, we often return to hierarchical systems whereby larger ideas include several medium sized ideas and then there are many smaller ones contained within them. Then there are dictionaries and encyclopedias that organize them alphabetically by name. These are very useful, but sometimes unsatisfying. There is a lot of talk about non-linear connections, these days. In these cases, we look for other means of organizing beyond the alphabetic or numeric order. Where do you keep your ideas?