Haug Baltzell Residence

This is a 3000 sf home for a small family with passive solar design and an outdoor patio integrated with the Living Room. The home was built by the owner, who has his own construction company, Harmony Builders. Along its East-West axis, the Kitchen, Dining and Living core resides between a suite of Bedrooms and a Guest Bedroom wing. To the North is the Garage and to the South the home opens directly out to a very livable outdoor room, open to the sun and shielded by the two wings.

The magic of this home is in its balancing of Eastern and Western qualities. The exterior contemporary design with Craftsman and Prairie style influences blends beautifully in its natural setting. Low, horizontal lines and rich colors and textures are accented by heavy rough sawn wood beams. The surprise comes upon entering the home and finding oneself amidst delicate curved lines that evoke ancient Persian architecture. Soft intimate sensibilities sit safely among solid strong forms and spaces. It's as if this home is comfortable with itself, modestly containing it's inner mysteries.

1665 N Turquoise

This is an 1800 sf Home, which includes a 500 sf Studio, for the architect and his family, which was constructed as an addition to the original 900 sf home that was converted into a home office and an accessory dwelling unit. The new home is built with straw bale walls and is designed such that passive solar heating provides half the heat for the home.

The goal in building this home in 2005 was to make a beautiful, comfortable and sustainable home. The Floor Plan is made up of the old house, the new two story home and a studio. The studio is a open, flexible, multi-functioning space. The old house has been converted into offices and an Accessory Dwelling Unit. The ADU is allowed in residential zones and is a 500sf rental with full Kitchen and Bath.

The choice to build with straw bale was a natural one, in that it provides several advantages; substantial insulation against heat loss, a waste product put to use, a non-toxic and available material. The Passive Solar design was the central concept around which the home was created. By placing a large per cent of the windows facing directly South roughly half of the gas is used to heat the home.

Locally harvested ponderosa pine were used as log posts and stair treads and sandstone quarried and cut in Ash Fork for the Kitchen countertops. A big part of the function and beauty of the home come from the cabinets, which were made using Minnesota maple. The second floor is built out of spaced heavy timber purlins and 2x tongue and groove Douglas for floor deck, which is the structural and the finished flooring. The inside of the straw bale walls were finished with a colored lime plaster. Our Dining Room table was fabricated from planks salvaged from the original garage that was torn down to make room for the project.

Stonewood Residence

This meticulously crafted ICF home with solar hot water heating received recognition from the Coconino County Sustainable Building Program. Insulated Concrete Form walls provide thermal transfer resistance and thermal mass, as well as a structural sound and easily constructed wall system. A carefully placed set of corner windows captures a nicely framed view of the peaks without over-sized glazing.


Elliott Residence

This 3000 square foot home was build as a series of similarly shaped modules staggered to reflect the ponderosa and to offer views of Mount Elden and the San Francisco Peaks. The Floor Plan configuration also creates a protected canyon-like patio.

The walls are SIP, Structurally Insulated Panels and renewable energy is provided in the form of Photovoltaic and Solar Hot Water. A large underground storage tank collects rainwater for landscape irrigation.

The remarkable layout, although considerably stretched-out has very little hallway. The Kitchen, Dining, Living and Library are along the patio with a Master Suite on the West end and a Guest Suite across a bridge to the South.